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 What is the Suzuki Method ?
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 TERI President Message

 Personal History of Shinichi Suzuki

 Some quotes from Dr. Suzuki

 Suzuki Archives, ”Dr. Suzuki’s Message”

 The International Academy
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TERI President Message
67th Summer School
 (Since 10/8 1999)
■Regional Suzuki Associations

European Suzuki Association (ESA)
Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Pan-Pacific Suzuki Association (PPSA)
Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands

Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA)  America (North and South)

Talent Education Research Institute (TERI)  Japan

violin The Suzuki Method is based on the“Mother Tongue”method of education which was established by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki the founder of the Talent Education Research Institute (known throughout the world as the Suzuki Method). Ones ability to speak ones native language is not inborn. All abilities including music are developed through circumstances.

The 67th Summer School
The 2018 Summer School website for participants from abroad is now available.
This year, non-TERI members are able to register for the Summer School on the above website. The registration period is from 10:00 JST on May 15 to 24:00 JST on May 31.
Only those who have registered will be permitted to enter the Summer School venues. If you would like to participate in the Summer School, please don't forget to register within the registration period.

We publish the latest information on our website as soon as it comes in. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us (teri@suzukimethod.or.jp).

We are looking forward to seeing you in Matsumoto!

The 54th Suzuki Method Grand Concert
    April 4th 2018(Wed)  Ryogoku Kokugikan
      The performance has finished.  
2018 is the 120th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. On April 4th of this special year, TERI will hold the 54th Grand Concert.   »»»

Suzuki Archives, ”Dr. Suzuki’s Message”  (2016-01-20)
From our archives, a few of Dr. Suzuki’s writings (the founder of the Suzuki Method) have been added to our website.   »»»

Donation Used Violins to Jamaica. (2016-11-1up)

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